Can you answer these 20 important questions


1.Can you effectively control your business and protect your assets ?

2.Do you understand the accounting conceps of your electronic software recording package ?

3.Can you effectively cost the products that you sell ?

4.Do you know the dangers of creating journal entries ?

5.Do you know how to effectively delegate duties and are able to control the delegations ?

6.Do you know the simple method and the power of calculating a sales break evan of your business  ?

7.Do you realise the affect of selling goods on credit.?

8.Are you aware of the best way to finance your business ?

9.Do you understand the difference between long term and short term financing of a capital project ?

10.Are you able to read, understand and analyse your financial statements trading results. ?

11.Do you understand the time span of a statement of financial position (balance sheet) and a statement of comprehensive income (income statement) ?

12.Do you know how to utilise them to your best advantage ?

13 Do you know how to incentivise and get the most production from your workers ?

14.Do you understand the difference between a budget and a cash flow forecast ?

15,Do you know what to look for when buying a business ?

16.Do you know how to prepare you business  to get the most out of selling it ?

17.Do you understand the different ways of buying and selling a business ?

18.Do you unerstand how local and international economic trends could affect your business ?

19.Do you know your rights if one of your customers goes into bankruptcy, and owes you a substantial amount of money ?

20.Do you understanding the affects of inflation and  Fair Value Accounting ?


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