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Chapter 1  Internal Control - as essential ingrediant to success

Chapter 2  Sales, Assets and Journals- Further details of controls

Chapter 3  Accounting- Recording of Business Transactions

Chapter 4  Costs and Costing Methods

Chapter 5   The magic of Breakevan Analysis

Chapter 6  Electronic Recording of Financial Transactions

Chapter 7   Salaries, Wages and Incentives

Chapter 8  Understanding Statements of Income and Statements of Financial Position(Balance Sheet)

Chapter 9  Statement of Financial Position Detailed Analysis

Chapter 10  Statement of Financial Position- What they reveal

Chapter 11  The Budget- A Management Tool

Chapter 12 Cash Flows and Costing Variances

Chapter 13  Sole Trader, Partnerships and Companies

Chapter 14   Shareholders and Directors Responsibilities

Chapter 15  The role of the Accountant and Auditor

Chaper 16  Capital Employed- Sources and usages

Chapter 17  Purchase and Sale of a Going Concern- What to look out for

Chapter 18   Taxes

Chapter 19  Insolvacy and Bankruptcy

Chapter 20  Acquisition of Fixed Assets

Chapter 21  Economic Trends and Monetary Policies

Chapter 22  Economic Trends- Foreign Transactions

Chapter 23  The Fiscal Budget

Chapter 24  The Stock Exchange made easy

Chapter 25 Inflation and Fair Market Value

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