***BUSINESSPERSONS STUDENTS UNDERSTANDING THE STOCK EXCHANGE*** Small Business Accounting And Administration Guide - An exciting Handbook Covering Basics, Startup, Planning, Books, Economics, Development, Finance, Management, Growth, Record Keeping, Bookkeeping, Operations, and HOW THE STOCK EXCHANGE WORKS Business Administration and Accounting Made Easy . A Great New System Of Assisting Businesspersons, And Students Of Lower And Higher Business Studies .


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Administration and Accounting Guide for the Smaller Business

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The author

Mervyn Mittel has been a practising accountant for many years and  has assisted businesspersons  to make difficult decisions.

This has given him the insight to understand their basic requirements.
This knowledge and experience  has enabled him to prepare and explain this magical book in simple language on a one to one basis.
He is able to guide you and to demystify seemingly complex concepts as your business grows.

How the book can be of help


   Practical advice  in


**initiating  easy  internal  business controls in order to avoid misappropriation of assets and funds,  and to prevent fraud,

  ** understanding  the  simple  and powerful concept of breakeven analysis to assist in overall control and  to enable increase of profits 
  ** business recording, and simple budgeting and cash flow analysis.

  ** easy reference with summaries of chapter highlights at the end of each chapter, and at the back of the book in the form of “Business Guides”.

.... and much more

Examples of "business guides " extracted from   several chapters  are included .

The book is available from  ****, (as an ebook or hard copy), and as an ebook from ** ebookit,com **, ** Barnes and Noble **,** Kobo **,** **, and most ebook distributors.

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